A little ‘X’ can make a big difference

London Elects Advertising Campaign Launch

London Elects launches its marketing campaign for the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections today [1]. The campaign will run through to Election Day on 2 May.

The aim is to build awareness of the election date, as well as how, where and when Londoners can vote. The campaign includes a mix of advertising on the underground and buses, London radio stations and digital audio, as well as reaching Londoners via digital and social media.

The Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO), Mary Harpley:
“It is imperative that Londoners know when, where and how to vote: we want everyone to be able to make their mark on 2 May.

"We need to ensure that Londoners get the message loud and clear that this election will be different from those before, with the introduction of voter ID and a change to a single vote for Mayor. Voting for the 25 Assembly Members is unchanged, for which Londoners will have two votes – one for their Constituency Assembly Member and one for a London-wide Member.

"Londoners should know they can shape London’s future."

Senior Marketing Manager, Alex Chafey said:
"Our message to Londoners is clear: on 2 May a little cross can make a big difference. And in addition to raising awareness of the elections and the importance of taking part, we are reminding people to bring photo ID to vote. The campaign creative was tested in qualitative research with Londoners."

“Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to see and hear it on the TfL network, radio, and digital audio, digital out of home, YouTube, social media, the Metro and digital display (website) advertising. Anyone wanting to find out more can go to LondonElects.org.uk or look out for the information booklet we will be delivering to every registered voter in April."

Register to vote

You can vote if you are:

  • Aged 18 or over on 2 May 2024
  • A British, qualifying Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • Living in London
  • Registered to vote by 16 April 2024

To register to vote, visit: gov.uk/register-to-vote

Bring photo ID

If you are voting in a polling station, you must bring a valid form of photo ID.
If you do not have an accepted document, you can apply for free photo ID by 5pm on 24 April.

How to vote

You will be issued with three ballot papers. Vote for Mayor of London using your pink ballot paper – you have one choice. Use the yellow ballot paper to vote for a London Assembly Member to represent your local area, and the orange ballot paper to vote for an Assembly Member to represent the whole of London. Make once choice for each.

Your polling station will be open from 7am until 10pm on election day. Before 2 May, you will receive your polling card through your door. This will include details of your polling station and a full list of accepted forms of photo ID. You will be asked to show your ID before you can be issued with ballot papers.

You can also vote by post. You must apply by 5pm on 20 April 2024. Your ballot papers will be sent to you about a week before Election Day. Mark your votes and return them to arrive before 10pm on 2 May 2024. 

You can also vote by proxy. This is when a person you trust votes for your chosen candidates on your behalf if you are unable to make it to the polling station. If you want a proxy vote, apply by 5pm on 24 April 2024. The deadline to apply for a proxy vote as a result of an emergency is 5pm, Thursday 2 May 2024. 
To find out more, visit londonelects.org.uk

Important dates

These dates apply to both the Mayor and the London Assembly.

Pre-election period: Tuesday 19 March 2024
Nominations: Tuesday 19 March – Wednesday 27 March 2024
Candidates announced: Thursday 28 March 2024 - evening [2]
Voting: Thursday 2 May 2024 (polling stations open from 7am to 10pm)
Count commences: Saturday 4 May 2024 from 9am

The last day to register to vote in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections is Tuesday 16 April 2024.

Second Media briefing at City Hall – Wednesday 3 April, 12.30pm-1.30pm. GLRO & Electoral Commission. ***PLEASE NOTE THE TIME & DATE CHANGE***

Third Media briefing at City Hall – Tuesday 23 April, 12.30am-2.30pm. Technical

For more information and if you wish to attend the Media briefings, please contact the London Elects media office.

London Elects Head of Media:
Alison Bell - 07887 832 918 – City Hall
[email protected]
[email protected]


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Notes to editors

  1. This unique form of local government represents the interests of London and Londoners.

    London has one Mayor and 25 Assembly Members. The Mayor of London is responsible for running the city, from policing and housing to environment and transport.

    The Assembly keeps a check on the Mayor’s work and investigates issues that matter to Londoners.

  2. Statutorily, the statement of persons nominated must be made no later than 4pm on Tuesday 2 April 2024, but the aim is to make the announcement before the Easter break.
  3. Link to the forms of acceptable photo-ID
  4. How to complete the ballot papers
  5. Ballot Paper mock ups
  6. To find out more, visit londonelects.org.uk
  7. Link to 2021 results