How to complete your ballot papers

How to complete election ballot papers

There are three ballot papers. One vote for the Mayor and two votes for the London Assembly.

Video on how to complete ballot papers

Voting for the Mayor (pink ballot paper)

Vote for Mayor of London using your pink ballot paper. You have one choice. Mark a cross next the candidate of your choice. 

Image of Mayor pink ballot paper

Mayor pink ballot paper icon

Voting for your London Assembly (constituency) Member (yellow ballot paper)

Use the yellow ballot paper to vote for your constituency London Assembly Member. 

Mark a cross next the candidate of your choice.    

Your London Assembly constituency is not the same as your parliamentary constituency. There are 14 constituencies in London, each made up of two or more boroughs each. See a map of the London Assembly constituencies

Image of London Assembly (constituency) Member yellow ballot paper

London Assembly Constituency yellow ballot paper icon

Voting for your Assembly Member (London-wide) - orange ballot paper

Use your orange ballot paper to vote for an Assembly Member to represent the whole of London. Mark a cross next the party or independent candidate of your choice. 

Read more about how votes are counted.

Read about what the Mayor and London Assembly do.

Image of Assembly Member London-wide orange ballot paper

London Assembly Londonwide orange ballot paper icon

Audio ballot papers

We have worked with RNIB to provide audio ballot papers. You can listen or download now.