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Interactive Polling Station Finder now available online

With one week to go, an online tool has been launched to help Londoners locate their polling stations for the upcoming Mayor of London and London Assembly elections on May 6.

The interactive Polling Station Finder, produced in conjunction with the Democracy Club and available at, uses electoral register information to identify the specific polling station each voter should visit to cast their votes.

To use the tool, Londoners can go to the ‘Voter’ section of the website, select ‘Ways of voting’ and input their postcodes into the Polling Station Finder search box.  The Polling Station Finder will then produce the address of their allocated polling station and show its proximity to their home on an interactive map.

On 6 May, Londoners can only vote at the polling station which has been assigned to them [1].  The location of the polling station is also available on the polling card registered voters should have received through the post.

Greater London Returning Officer, Mary Harpley, said: 
“In one week, the people of London will go to the polls to determine a new Mayor and Assembly - but Londoners will only be able to vote at the specific polling station to which they have been allocated. 
This map will be an invaluable tool for voters wanting to find their allocated polling stations.  So, go online, put in your postcode and see where you can have your say on May 6.”

The Polling Station Finder is available at:  

On May 6th, around 6.1 million registered Londoners will be able to vote for the Mayor of London and the 25 London Assembly members.  

The election itself will see polling stations set up across London on 6 May. The stations will have 12,000+ staff between 7am and 10pm. Another 2,000 staff will then be on hand to help with the count on the 7th and 8th of May. 

How to vote
•    In this election, there are three ballot papers and four votes. 
•    Two votes for the Assembly elections and a first and second choice for the Mayoral election. 
•    You must make a first choice for the Mayor, or your vote won’t be counted. Each vote must be for a different candidate.
•    Your polling station will be open from 7am until 10pm on election day.  
•    Before 6 May, you will receive your polling card through your door. This will include details of your named polling station.
•    You can also vote by proxy. This is when a person you trust votes for your chosen candidates on your behalf if you are unable to make it to the polling station. If you want a proxy vote, your council must receive your application by 5pm on 27 April 2021. The deadline to apply for a proxy vote as a result of an emergency is 5pm, Thursday 6 May 2021.

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Notes to editors

1.    Voters casting their votes on May 6 in person or by proxy must vote at the polling station they have been assigned.  This may not be the closest polling station to a home address.
2.    London Elects is responsible – under the direction of the Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO) – for overseeing and encouraging participation in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections. 
3.    As of 1 March 2021, there were 6,047,327 registered voters in Greater London. 
4.    The election booklet is available as a web accessible pdf via the London Elects website - Information booklet | London Elects.  It is also available in large print, braille and audio formats.  To request a copy, please email [email protected]
5.    For voters with physical or learning disabilities, MenCap and the Electoral Commission provide an Easy Read guide to these elections, which can be accessed via the London Elects website - Information for carers and people with a disability | London Elects
6.    To find out more, visit:
7.    Link to 2016 results