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Brexit is Broken

Vote for Richard Hewison, your Rejoin EU candidate.

Now is your chance to be heard. Rejoining the EU is a real prospect, but only if you tell the government it is what you want. It may not happen tomorrow, but we can start the journey today. LEND US YOUR VOTE. PUT US FIRST ON THE BALLOT. TELL THE GOVERNMENT YOU WANT THE BENEFITS OF EU MEMBERSHIP BACK


  • Freedom of movement to live, study, perform & retire abroad.
  • High environmental & food standards assured.
  • Enhanced security co-operation with the rest of the world.
  • Market access to the biggest financial, goods & services markets.
  • World-class employee protections.
  • Greater influence on the world stage

“Millions of Londoners voted to remain in the EU. I will ensure they still have a voice”

“We’ve been badly let down by the opposition parties who’ve left us politically homeless” 

“I’m delighted to work with Volt, the Pan-European Party in this endeavour”


  • Has lived in London since 1993.
  • Works in financial services as a trainer. 
  • Is a long-time campaigner for LGBTQ+ rights.

Visit the Rejoin EU website * Follow me on Twitter: @RejoinP * #BrexitIsBroken #BrokenBrexit * Rejoin EU Party at PO Box 3639, Barnet, EN5 9TH * Prepared by Andrew Smith, as Election Agent for the Candidate, on behalf of the Rejoin EU Party, 20 Clyde Terrace, Forest Hill, SE23 3BA 

Richard Hewison

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