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  • Re-energize London with the New Economy
  • Rebrand our city as e-London to attract new jobs and businesses 
  • Retake our fair share of the profits Big Tech generates from you 
  • Reinvest those profits into ‘support payments’ for Londoners 
  • Revive London as a sporting hub
  • Rebuild London's Youth Clubs, which are proven to reduce crime
  • Revise the congestion charge and freeze fares on TfL 
  • Reduce noise and pollution in London
  • Reward first-time home buyers with incentives 
  • Rethink policing in London 

Prepared by James Clarke acting as election agent on behalf of Kam Balayev. 13 Metro Central Heights, London SE1 6BA 

My name is Kam. I am 39 years old. I moved to London as a student and made it my home. It’s not about left or right, north or south, just our city working for all Londoners. The time has come to recognize that healthcare, housing, clean air and a respectable basic income are human rights for all Londoners. 




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