Vote for the Mayor and London Assembly on Thursday 6 May 2021

Candidate election addresses

Download the election address checklist

We've put together a checklist of everything you need to include in the candidate election address.

Download the checklist

1. Candidate agent statement including name and address

The 2003 Order, Reg 5(5) states:

An election address must

(a) contain a statement to the effect that it has been prepared by the candidate's election agent; and

(b) give the name and address of the election agent.

All election addresses (both the 1-page A5 version and the 2-page A5 version) must clearly provide the name and full postal address of the person who has prepared it. A PO Box will not be accepted. Please note that this is different to the imprint requirements for other election material where the use of “promoted” and PO Box is permitted.

The following will be accepted: 

  • prepared by {insert agent name} acting as agent on behalf of {insert candidate name} of {insert full postal address}
  • prepared by {insert candidate name} of {insert full postal address} as agent if the candidate is acting as their own agent

The following will not be accepted:

  • promoted/ produced by {insert agent name} on behalf of {insert candidate name} of {insert full postal address
  • promoted/produced by {insert candidate name} of {insert full postal address} as agent if the candidate is acting as their own agent

2. Links to websites

When the completed booklet is made available on the London Elects website, any live-links will be de-activated.

3. Inclusion of QR codes in an election address

In line with the 2003 Order, which allows for election addresses to comprise a combination of words, pictures and artwork and for the GLRO to specify requirements for their inclusion, the GLRO will accept the inclusion of QR codes within election addresses supplied by those Mayoral candidates who choose to do so.  
If an election address does contain a QR code, the GLRO requires the following:

The submitted text includes in clear terms the exact address of the website or other internet location to which the QR code takes the user in the following form:

“W QR code: [internet address]”. 

For example, if London Elects were to use a QR code to direct users to its homepage this would be “QR code:”. 

This must be provided in 12 point (minimum) and should be clearly provided alongside the details of the candidate’s election agent’s name and postal address who prepared the address. 

  • A separate written declaration must be provided by the candidate’s election agent that the webpage or other internet location stated in the submission (as above) is the exact, true and accurate description of the website/ internet destination for users when they scan the QR code. This must be provided to the GLRO in hard copy, signed and dated by the candidate’s election agent
  • A hardcopy reproduction of the contents of the webpage or other internet location that the QR code leads users to must be provided to the GLRO, which must also be signed and dated by the candidate’s election agent

4. Criteria for pdf artwork files

All artwork files (both the 1-page version and the 2-page version) must be submitted and approved no later than 4pm on 30 March 2021.

Please note the following criteria: 

  • Each page to be set to A5, 148mm wide and 210mm high, with 3mm bleed on all sides (final pdf size 154 x 216mm)
  • Type area 136mm (w) by 198mm (h).  All content text must be within this area
  • All images contained within any artwork file should be no less than 300dpi and 1200dpi for line work
  • The minimum font size for the text is 12 point. This applies to all body text, including imprints. This is to aid legibility as more people can read text at this size. There is no maximum point size
  • Open artwork files should be supplied




Failure to comply with the above requirements may lead to a submission being rejected by the GLRO.