City Hall Admissions Policy 2024


The purpose of this policy is to protect the health, safety and dignity of everyone attending City Hall (referred to in this policy as the venue), and to safeguard the integrity of the elections and reduce the risk of disruption to the counting process and announcements of the results.

The specific security arrangements in force at other elections venues may differ.

The co-operation of everyone attending City Hall with this policy is appreciated.

Allowing time for the Entry Accreditation and Security Process

Please allow sufficient time to pass through the entry accreditation and security process, it is recommended that 20 minutes is allowed, however, this may change dependant on the security measures in force on the day and the number of people queuing for entry.

Entry Accreditation and Access

The venue is not open to the public. Access is by advance accreditation only and conditional upon complying with this Admissions Policy and venue capacity limits. On arrival at the venue, you will need to validate your accreditation by proving your identity.

For this purpose, one form of official government issued photo-identity will be required, such as:

  • Photo-driving licence
  • Passport
  • Electoral Commission Identity Card
  • Voter Authority Certificate
  • Blue Badge
  • SIA Licence
  • GLA Identity (Security) Card
  • Police warrant card
  • In the case of GLA authorised contractors involved in supporting the elections, their official company issued Identity Card.

Alternatively, two other matching forms of hard copy identity will be accepted as proof of identity. The alternatives that will be accepted are two items from the following list:

  • Letter from a central government department eg. HMRC
  • Letter from a London Borough
  • Council Tax Notice
  • Utility bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Bank or Building Society statement
  • Credit or debit card or a credit or debit card statement

Access to the venue will not be permitted if you are not in possession of valid accreditation material or are not registered on the London Elects accreditation list, and you cannot prove your identity by production of the personal identification, as described above.

Visitors or staff must not attempt to gain access to areas of the venue to which they are not authorised, nor should any attempts be made to breach security arrangements.

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff entry to the venue may be restricted or suspended for a period of time, for example in the event that there is overcrowding or in an emergency.

Any visitor who is considered to be intoxicated will be refused admission.

Search Procedures

Admission to the venue is conditional upon agreeing to go through the search procedures and complying with security arrangements and instructions that are in place.

This will involve you and any possessions, including bags, folding bicycles and wheelchairs being subject to a security search. The search aims to ensure that no prohibited items are either deliberately or accidentally brought into the building.

Please note that for the search you may be required to remove your outer garments, hat, shoes and belt. Laptop computers and cameras may need to be removed from their cases.

You are encouraged to keep to a minimum, bags and items that you bring into the venue.

It will assist the search process if you are ready to remove metal or plastic objects carried on your person (with the exception of very small items of jewellery) and place them in the trays or bags provided.

The following items are prohibited from being brought into the venue:

  • Bladed items, including; pen knives, fixed bladed knives and scalpels
  • Offensives weapons eg. tasers, etc.
  • Imitation or toy weapons, including; swords, knives, hand grenades and guns
  • Items that could be readily converted into weapons
  • Component parts of weapons
  • Flares or fireworks
  • Party poppers and party canons
  • Helium filled balloons
  • Strobe lights, high intensity torches and lasers
  • Hazardous materials eg. CS gas, pepper spray, gas canisters, acids and alkalis
  • Spray paints or cans of paint
  • Glue
  • Powders that are not personal prescription medicines or for cosmetic purposes
  • Illegal drugs
  • Alcoholic drinks whether open or not
  • Pointed Scissors / pointed tweezers
  • Knitting Needles
  • Syringes (unless required for personal medical use)
  • Placards, Banners and Flags
  • Items and accessories with the potential to cause disruption or harm
  • Mobile phone jamming devices
  • Items that could cause loud audible disruption eg. whistles, megaphones, sirens, air horns, rattles, large radios, sound amplification equipment
  • Covert surveillance and recording equipment
  • Climbing and abseiling equipment
  • Tools eg. pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, saws, etc.
  • E-scooters and e-bicycles
  • Any items considered to be suspicious or unacceptable by security staff that the owner cannot provide a reasonable explanation for possessing

At the discretion of the Security Officer, individuals found in possession of prohibited items may be refused entry to the venue or will only be admitted if they are prepared to surrender the items to Security, for which a receipt will be issued. Any confiscated items can be collected from Security, on production of the receipt on departure, with the exception of illegal items, which will be passed to the Police.

At the discretion of the Security Officer, individuals deliberately trying to conceal prohibited items or exhibiting obstructive, threatening or offensive behaviour will be refused entry.

Party rosettes, designed to be worn on the person, are permitted.

Conduct of Staff

Staff at City Hall will behave in a professional and courteous manner.

Visitor’s Behaviour

Visitors to City Hall are respectfully requested to behave in a considerate and courteous manner at all times towards others and comply with official instructions and directions given by Security Officers and London Elects staff.

Visitors must not disrupt or interfere with the activities that are taking place at the venue.

The intimidation of Security Officers, members of staff or other visitors will not be tolerated and neither will assault on staff or other visitors, aggressive behaviour, offensive, threatening or abusive language or gestures. Anyone displaying these behaviours or not complying with official instructions will be asked to leave the venue immediately.

Visitors are also advised not to make comments to Security Officers or staff that could be interpreted as a potential threat.

Unattended Items

Visitors must not leave any baggage or items unattended in the venue. Any unattended items are likely to be removed without warning and may be destroyed.


Young people under the age of sixteen will not be permitted access to the venue unless accompanied by an appropriate adult or by prior arrangement. Security Officers may ask for proof of age if the visitor does not look sixteen years of age or over.


The only animals permitted access to the venue are assistance animals wearing the appropriate identification and police or security search dogs.

Leaving and re-entering City Hall

Anyone who leaves the venue, even for a few minutes, and wishes to re-enter will be required to go back through the entry accreditation and security process.

Please do NOT remove your accreditation wristband if you wish to re-enter the venue.

Photography and Filming

No photography or filming is permitted inside the venue, other than in London’s Living Room where the declarations of the results are made. The Greater London Returning Officer or their staff may at any time order it to be stopped.

Members of the news media require separate authorisation and accreditation to undertake photography and filming at City Hall.

No photography or filming of the security and reception arrangements or in the café, where people are eating and relaxing, is permitted.

The use of camera or audio-video recording equipment in such a way so as to cause alarm, distress or harassment of staff or visitors or using it in such a way that causes interference with their duties or role is prohibited. Anyone displaying these behaviours or not complying with official instructions will be directed to leave the venue immediately.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices (smart phones) must be turned to silent mode if visiting the central count room and their use must not cause disruption or disturbance to staff working on the count.

Mobile devices must be turned to silent mode during the announcements of the contests.

Changes to Security Arrangements

Please note in the interests of everyone’s health and safety, security arrangements are subject to review, extension and change, on and during the course of the day(s).