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    Mayoral candidate: Carlos Cortiglia

    Carlos CortigliaCarlos Cortiglia


    Think commonsense. Vote BNP

    Dear  Londoner,

    I’ve lived in London since 1989 and I have worked for the BBC and then at the Commonwealth Office. I am of Italian descent which, I guess, makes me the most ‘cosmopolitan’ candidate standing for London Mayor in 2012.

    I was outraged to find some immigrant communities refusing to respect the British people and their way of life so I joined the British National Party because I want to preserve the traditions, freedoms and identity of the country that has been so good to me and my family.

    London is a diverse city and although there are some benefits, Multiculturalism has clearly led to division and confrontation instead of integration. The shocking looting and rioting last August is a prime example of this failed policy.

    London needs a strong Mayor who is fair and decisive with the vision to make this great city of ours dynamic, safe and prosperous. I am that man!

    Vote for me on 3rd May and together we will make London a city to be proud of again.

    Carlos Cortiglia
    British National Party Mayoral Candidate

    Want to see Carlos take on the other mayoral candidates live on TV? Call BBC London on 020 8743 8000 and demand that they invite the British National Party to all televised debates

    • British people must be housed first
    • No amnesty for illegal immigrants
    • Build a better NHS
    • Zero tolerance on crime and anti-social behaviour
    • British jobs for British workers
    • Abolish the Congestion Charge, CPZ and LEZ
    • Reduce council tax
    • Free weekend Tube and train travel

    Call 0844 809 4581

    People like you voting BNP:

    “I support the British National Party all the way because I want to make a difference and have a no-nonsense British government that puts British people first.” Mike Jones, London Cabbie

    “I’m backing the British National Party because they support our traditional Christian faith. We need strong leadership to protect our national identity from the threat of Islam.” Reverend Robert West

    British National Party

    “We always vote for the British National Party because we want streets that are safe to walk on. We want to see local bobbies on the beat and we want to feel part of a caring British community again.” Penny McCulley, Pensioner

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    Prepared by election agent Clive Jefferson of PO Box 1244, Enfield EN1 9UF

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