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Where to vote

There are three ways you can vote on 5 May: in person, by post or by proxy. You are not able to vote online.

1.    Voting in person at your local polling station

Polling station sign on railings.If you are registered to vote in London, on 5 May you can visit your local polling station from 7am-10pm and cast your votes there. Please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to avoid missing out on having your say. If you arrive and there’s a queue you might not be able to enter the polling station in time to vote.

  • Before polling day you will be sent a ‘poll card’ which includes details of where your polling station is.
  • You can only vote at the polling station on this card.
  • Polling station staff will be able to help you understand your ballot papers if you get confused.
  • You do not need to take your poll card with you but it will help the staff. If you have lost your your poll card, use our polling station finder below to check where to go. We endeavour to ensure the accuracy of this tool, however polling stations can change location at short notice so you should always go to the station stated on your poll card.

2.    Voting by post

Post box image

You can only vote by post if you registered as a postal voter before 19 April 2016. 

  • Your ballot papers will be sent directly to you about a week before election day.
  • Once you’ve received them, mark your votes and make sure you send it back so that it arrives before 10pm on 5 May 2016.
  • You must also remember to complete the declaration – with signature and date of birth.
  • If it arrives later than 10pm on 5 May your vote won’t be counted.


3.    Someone votes on your behalf (proxy)

Silhouette of person to denote proxy votingYou can also ask someone to be your proxy. This means they can vote on your behalf but for the candidates you wish them to vote for. You can apply for a proxy vote for a number of reasons, including: if you are unable to go to your polling station (for example if you are away on holiday, or will be working), you have a physical condition that prevents you going to your polling station, you are a British citizen living overseas, or if you are a member of the armed forces.

  • All you need to do is complete and sign a form and return it to your local council before 26 April 2016.
  • To register and find out more, visit the

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